Classic Bob Haircut for Those Who Are Over Seventy

A classic bob is one of the most ancient haircuts for women. It was embraced by women of all ages and has remained stylish and timeless. It has evolved over time with many women choosing to have their stylists manipulate it to fit their natural features for a more appealing appearance. A classic bob can come in different forms and styles for women over seventy.

The Cut

A bob haircut is cut square along the outline and can take any of the following forms and still give you a great look even after seventy:

  • Strong and structured;
  • Razored through the end for thick hair;
  • Single length;
  • Asymmetrical.

The classic bob is cut at a length that sits above the shoulders. It can be slightly shorter so that it is barely covering the neck or longer on one side for an asymmetrical classic bob. For women over seventy, it is best if you ask your stylist for a classic bob with a fringe. This takes the attention away from the wrinkles on the face. If however, you want to celebrate your facial features, classic bob with no fringe will do.

The Selection

When a woman is over seventy, looking good becomes a necessity and although they may care very little about their looks, deep down they need to feel beautiful despite the age. This is why you will find yourself looking for an easier to maintain yet stylish haircut after seventy. A classic bob is a choice that has become very popular among women over seventy.

This haircut shows off the thickness of hair and is great if you are looking for an illusion of volume. It is suitable for all types of hair texture and will look great with any hair color from your natural grey hair to brown to blonde. It is easy to maintain thus a top choice for women over seventy. It is suitable for all seasons from winter to summer and suits both casual and executive occasions.

The Styling

There are different ways in which a woman over seventy can style their classic bob. It can be single length side-parted with no fringes with more hair at the top to give the side part a firm hold. It can be middle-parted with no fringe single length or asymmetrical with one longer side for that extra wow look.

The classic bob is best styled single length that is barely touching the shoulders, tousle origin with a fringe that falls to the eyebrows. Another classic styling has the back cut very short. Length increases along with volume as the hair move towards the top such that the top hair will cover the back all the way right below the ears barely covering the neck.

A classic bob is assured to give any woman over seventy a great look. It has been an all-time favorite for celebrities over seventy and it has a wide range of styling that one can choose from to make it more personal. More haircuts for women over seventy can also be found on the site hair adviser and women can read and make their choice on their link.