A Short Ladder Hairstyle on the Bob Haircut Basis

A short haircut is a great show of boldness and confidence. A bob haircut is one of the most classic and yet timeless and stylish haircuts of all time. There are many bob haircuts that can be combined with a short ladder to make it more exquisite.

A ladder can have different length, the number of steps and starts anywhere. The strands of hair do not lie in a straight line or a single length but rather has several different directions and outline. A short ladder on a bob haircut allows you to create multiple images from the same haircut.

Asymmetrical Ladder Bob with Bangs

 This haircut only has a haircut that has multiple layers. The layers are cut such that each layer has a different length giving your hair a ladder-like look. The bottom layer is asymmetrical with strands of hair longer on the sides and a bang that is the length of eyebrows. The bang is a uniform length.

Side Swept Layered Ladder Bob

This haircut is characterized by graduation and hair is cut unevenly. This haircut starts the ladder layers at the top where the strands are longer and as the cuts move downwards towards the neck.

Top Ladder Undercut

This is a haircut that has ladder layers at the top all the way down the crown to the top of the ears. It has an undercut and will look so much better when it has a side part and layers on the longer side being longer.

Side-swept Feathered Ladder bob

This bob haircut has feathered layers that are cut into a ladder style. The strands are cut in different layers that mimic a ladder. The layers are in a feathered cut making this haircut light and beautiful. When this haircut is in a blonde color, it glows more so in the summer. It looks amazing when the ladder layers are inverted outward and the front strands can be uniform all the way down to the chin.

A bob ladder hairstyle has several benefits such as:

  • It requires minimal time for styling;
  • It is suitable for both straight strands as well as curly;
  • Allows you to get a stylish and bright image;
  • It is economical as it can go for one to two months before you need another salon visit for a haircut.

A short ladder hairstyle when done well results in an amazing look and an impressive appearance. A bob haircut that has ladder layers will be low maintenance, easy to care and style and yet it will offer you a well-deserved wow look.