Feather Cut for Those Who Are Over Seventy

A feather cut is one of the most classic hairstyles that made its way into the trends of fashion in the 1970s. It was successfully introduced by Farrah Fawcett in the popular television show Charlie’s Angels. The hair is cut in a manner that resembles the feathers of a bird thus the name feather cut or feathered haircut.

This is a hairstyle that has been embraced by women over seventy due to its light nature and its ability to draw attention from other facial features. Feather cuts are of different natures and take on different lengths;

  • Short feather cuts;
  • Medium length feather cuts;
  • Long feather cuts.

Some of the feather cuts that will look amazing on women over seventy includes:

Short Side Bangs Feather Cut

This is a haircut that can start from blunt short cuts all the way to the shoulders. The blunt cuts are layered and soft textured to give this haircut a feathered look. A soft bang with the length of the eyebrow and swept to the side gives this look an excellent finish. Women can let it take the natural grey color or can dye it to give it more color or darker shade at the roots. It is a light non-voluminous haircut that draws attention away from the aging facial features to give a stylish and beautiful look.

The Undercut Feathered Style

Many women over seventy love very short hair as it is easier to manage and is of low maintenance. The undercut feathered hairstyle is made with reverse layers with soft feathered bangs that have a central origin for that excellent finish. Women with a diamond or oval face look amazing in this short feathered haircut.

Close-up of a senior woman with her mouth open screaming.

Medium Length Straight Feathered Haircut

The original feather cut was with long wavy hair. Over the years the feather cut has evolved and the medium straight hair feathered haircut has become popular. The hair is layered with soft feathered stands that are airy and light. Soft short bangs add glamour to the look and it is popular among women over seventy who seek a comfortable haircut. They do not have to cut their hair too short and the soft bangs give them a youthful look.

Thick Feathered Style

Women over seventy who have thick voluminous hair look great with this feather cut. It does not have fringes but has a middle part with the layers on each side being short and extra light. It is best presented with a length right below the shoulders.

Women over seventy seek a great haircut that will present their personality and confidence. A feather cut is perfect as it is light and presents itself in a gorgeous youthful manner.