Hairstyle with Ripped Strands

When your hair has ripped strands, your hairstyle options are mostly limited. Getting a great one requires great selection so as to get a style that fits one’s facial features, eye color and face shape. One of the most desired, popular and recommended by stylist is beachy waves. It is suitable for all face shapes and has an amazing finish for the ripped strands.

To get a great beachy waves you will need:

  • Wide tooth comb;
  • Bobby pins;
  • Hair Brush;
  • Hair spray.

A beachy wave can be styled differently and will still give you a great look. It can be left free with a side part and side swept long bangs. It can also work very well with a one sided updo and layers on the other side and it can also work with a loose back side updo.

Steps of achieving a great beachy wave for your hair with ripped strands:

Freshly Washed Hair

Finding the perfect shampoo and conditioner for your hair and more so one that will enhance repair for your ripped strands. Wash your hair before you can begin styling it.

Add Hair Texture

After washing, dry the hair with a towel and always remember to pat while drying and not rub. Spritz your hair with a wave spray and ensure you pray all the hair even from the underside of your mane. This will ensure the hairstyle looks voluminous and neat.

Twist and Pin Hair

After the hair has dried a bit, twist a few sections of it while it’s still damp and hold them in place with bobby pins. These twists help the hairstyle to gain body and dimensions while it dries.

Removing the Bobby Pins

When your hair is fully dry, remove the bobby pins and release the relaxed curls. Run your fingers through to remove any tangles from the hair. You can always use the wide tooth comb to release the curls and waves.

Braiding and Styling

If your hair is naturally wavy, the waves will have fully formed and you can style it as you wish. If your hair is more of the straight type, braid it until you get the waves right and in place. You can add a long bang if you are going for the side swept style. If you are going for a backside up do,you will need the bobby pins to hold the strands at the back. A middle part and a  few loose strands that flow down the ears will give your beachy wave a great finish. 

This hairstyle will get you an amazing look even with your ripped strands of hair. It will also give your hair time to repair the ripped strands more so with the right hair products.