Italian Feather Cut for Those Who Are Over Seventy

An Italian feather cut is a haircut where the hair has layers cut to look light and fluffy like feathers. Women over seventy look for a hairstyle that is low maintenance, easy to style and one that will give them a comfortable awesome look. A layered feather cut has been very popular among those over seventy due to its light and airy nature. It also looks amazing with a gray color that brings out a wonderful silver shiny look. It works okay with any type of hair from straight to curly to wavy mostly best with or longer hair length.

What you will need:

  • Scissors;
  • Hair clips;
  • Salon combs fine and wide.

When a client asks for an Italian feather cut and it is your first time, follow these steps towards amazing results.

Prepare the Hair

The very first step in styling hair is washing the hair. Ensure you reach every part of your head and be sure to use a conditioner that will make your hair tangle-free during styling. Dry your hair and remember to tap rather than rub to maintain your hair healthy.

When the hair is dry but still feels a bit dump, use a wide-toothed comb to comb through. Have some leave-in treatment and apply as you comb to add texture and keep your hair healthy. Ensure there are no tangles to make cutting easier and smoother.

Divide the Hair

Use the sharp end of your fine-toothed jolly comb to divide your hair into three. The back from the crown right across from one end of the ear to the other downward. Then by the middle of the hairline and hold the side sections with hair clips.

Two Senior Ladies making Make-up

Cutting the hair

Hold a few strands at a time between your fingers starting from the middle of your back section and cut in a straight line. Release and pick a new set of strands with just a few from the previous cut to guide you in length.

Now release the sides and separate the top into a rectangle and hold with a clip. Using the back hair as a guide, cut all around holding the hair at a ninety-degree angle. Using a few strands from the back as a guide, cut the top rectangle holding it in a horizontal line.

To fine cut the feathers, ask another stylist to blow-dry the hair from a distance. Hold the strands in your fingers and cut diagonally. When checking if your cuts are good, hold a few strands at a time in a diagonal and snip any protruding tips.


Release the hair, it will be dry and your feather cut layers will be ready for styling. The blow-dry during the diagonal cuts will have dried the hair completely and the edges will be light and airy. You can give it middle or a side parting and let it fall freely.

This is a haircut that will be easy to attain and your client will be more than pleased with your work.